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We at Ultimate Event Hire offer a complete range of event heating solutions in Essex. No matter what the size of your marquee or patio, we have heating solutions to cater to all sizes of events and parties. Our wide range of heaters includes ceramic heaters for small spaces to gas space heaters for warming up large event spaces. If you are looking for a marquee heater on hire in Essex, look no further we have it for you.

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Ultimate Event hire offer event heating solutions in Essex. Our heating solutions can cater to all sizes of events and parties. Whether you looking for patio heaters on hire or gas space heaters to heat large spaces, we have them all. Our event hosting solutions will help you host exhibitions, trade shows, weddings etc, in controlled environments. You will not have to worry about the harsh winters, as you and your guests can enjoy the event in the warmth of our heaters.

Areas we serve

Ultimate Event Hire offers services all across UK. We serve areas of Essex - Southend, Basildon, Chelmsford, Wickford, Canvey Island, Westcliff, Shoeburyness, Brentwood, Rayleigh, Billericay, Braintree, Witham, Harlow, Ongar, Epping, Laindon, Leigh on Sea, Tilbury, Orsett, Hornchurch & Upminster

On time Delivery

Our team of professionals will first understand and assess your heating needs. Looking at the size and the venue of the event, they will then advise you on best heating options which you can select from for your event. We will deliver the heaters to your place of venue on time.

Final Set Up

Our team will set up the heaters before the start of the event, to regulate the temperature inside the venue, whether a marquee or a patio. After the completion of the event, we will uninstall the heaters and help you wrap up.

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We understand that planning for an event is a very stressful task. While planning an event in the winters, one cannot overlook the importance of ensuring adequate warmth at the venue. By providing a comfortable warm environment you will be able to ensure that your guests are warm and are able to enjoy themselves for the whole course of the event. We at Ultimate Event Hire understand the need to keep your guests warm and we are striving hard to appease your every requirement. Our proven track record of delivering the best quality heating equipment on time has made us the best event heating solutions providers in Essex.

We have a wide range of heating solutions catering to all types of event venues and locations. Our sophisticated yet simple heating units will allow you to adjust temperatures according to your preference. Our heaters are adaptable to any situation.

We have worked on a number of events and functions in Essex and its surrounding areas, developing and installing heating solutions catering to a variety of specifications. Whatever your needs are, you can trust us to supply you with a fast and effective solution for heating tents, marquees or temporary structures.

We provide both direct and indirect fuel heaters, which are perfect for heating large spaces. These fuel heaters provide large volumes of heat and also create intense, localized heat.

No matter what your requirements are, we are confident that we will be able to offer you with the perfect event heating solutions in Essex.


Marquee Heater on hire, Essex

If you are hosting an event in the spring or summer months then you will require heating solutions only to reduce the chill in the evenings. However if you are having an event or function planned in the autumn or during the winter, you would need to heat the marquee well in advance before the arrival of the guests. Listed below are a few things one should follow while using and installing marquee heater on hire in Essex:

  • Do’s
  1. Heating a marquee will need a heater with a powerful fan, Indirect Heaters are the best option
  2. Test the heating equipment and check how it heats the marquee, several days before the event to make sure the heater is perfect for the amount of space. Try to test at the same time in the day as you have planned the event, so you will know the exact heating effect according to the temperature outside at the specific time of the day.
  3. During winters and late autumns, start the heating at least one hour before the guests start arriving.
  4. Aim the ducting of the heaters towards the entrance, heat flowing at the door ensures that the temperature inside the marquee maintains itself and remains constant.
  5. Remember to fit carbon monoxide testers one for each heater installed.
  • Don’t
  1. Choose a halogen heater, cabinet heater or a infra-red heater which do not have a fan in it. These kinds of heaters are not powerful enough to heat large size marquees.
  2. Have anything touching a heater or anything in close contact, to avoid any unforeseen incident.
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Heaters on Hire

We offer Event heating solutions on Hire in Essex.

Diesel Heaters: Our indirect diesel heaters are designed purposely for heating marquees and temporary structures. We stock a range of sizes to suit your requirements.

Patio Heaters: We offer patio heaters on hire in Essex and have many different styles to accommodate your needs.

Gas space heaters: Gas space heaters are the preferred choice today for most of the events in Essex. These heaters can efficiently heat very large spaces easily.

Ceramic Heaters: Our Essex Ceramic heaters are good for heating smaller spaces. Being very reliable and available in 110v or 230v options they are easy to transport and store.

Infrared cabinet style heaters: These small compact heaters really throw some heat out. These types of heaters have various heat settings to comfortably create the perfect room temperature!

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Delivered to all areas of Essex

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